Web browsing for blind people


The purpose of the Internet4All system is to support blind persons in navigating well-structured HTML Websites the most general way possible by providing users with the maximum freedom of choice among a wide range of browsing options. Thanks to its advanced features for the conceptualization of voice communication between the various websites resources reached (and reachable) and the final user himself, Internet4All guarantees a very high level of usability.

  • Technological Objective: Spoken Language interfaces for free and general purpose Web browsing

  • Reference User: Italian Ministry of Economic Development

  • Project timeline: January 2017-April 2019

  • Technological Partner: Mediavoice

Software architecture. web browser for blind people

Dynamic human-machine interactions

Internet4All allows the user different kind of interactions through voice commands

Home Page Browsing – Search of a homepage (e.g. newspaper or company)

Go to The Post
Open the Reveal website

News Search – Search for specific items (news) in a newspaper’s home page

I would like to hear last news of the Daily Telegraph
Read me all news about the government from The Guardian

Local Editions – Search for specific items in the Local Editions of a newspaper

Find me the Rome edition of Corriere della Sera
Read the news of Il Messaggero in the Sport section

Section Search – Search for specific items in the menu of a given Website Section

What are the products of Geox?
What reference does Perugina have?

Service Search – Search for a specific service among the ones available on the Web

Translate good morning into Arabic
What are synonyms for hermeneutics

Address Search – Search for details on the address of an organization, individual or institution

How can I contact Saeco customer care?“
Where is the headquarter of Smeg“

Info Search – Generic search of information on the Web

What does diaphanous mean?“
Find the word temperament on Cambridge Dictionary

Commercial Service Search – Search for goods and physical services providers (e.g. PA offices, banks, shops, etc.)

“I’m looking for an ATM in the area
“Where can I get a CT scan near my position“

Form Compile – Create an announcement on a specific web page

want to create a job announcement as a teacher in Rome area

Travel Search – Search for specific locations or means of transport

Find me a direct flight from Milan to Bari
What time is a train from Verona to Padua for tomorrow morning?

Internet 4All features

A bunch of features that allow managing human-machine interaction dynamically depending on the specific analysis of the contents of each Website page, as well as on the dialog planned on the basis of the linguistic acts recognized.

  • Web page localization.
  • Download and standardization of a page.
  • Semantic extraction of the contents of a page, according to the domain, the page type and the type of interaction that the dialogue suggests up to that point.
  • Dialogue planning.
  • Answers design and TTS translation.

Possible dialog sequence showing the use of several system features

User: Open “The Guardian”.
Speaky: Choose between the The Guardian Daily website, its Tweeter entry, its Facebook entry or its Wikipedia entry. You can always tell me “Cancel”

User: The newspaper.
Speaky: The Guardian, a newspaper. Choose from the main menu, local editions, sections, services, contacts or 1 of the 4 specials: 2018 elections, Syria, embargo, winter Olympics, or tell me search”following the word you want to search for.

User: Sections.
Speaky: Sections. There are 65 sections, now I will list them in alphabetical order. You can always tell me previous menu“. Art & Design, Books, Boxing, Business, Cartoons, Classical, Columnists.

User: Previous menu.
Speaky: Previous menu. Choose from the main menu, editions, sections, services, contacts or the special elections 2018, Syria, embargo or winter Olympics, or search for the word to search for.
User: Main menu.
Speaky: Main menu. Choose between News, Opinion, Sport, Culture, Lifestyle, or tell me main page“.

User: News.
Speaky: News. Choose between: UK News, World News, Business, Football, Enviromant, UK Politics, Educaton, Society, Science, Tech…

The Internet4All flexible architecture

The architecture of the system is therefore based on a flexible communication mechanism.

Mechanisms preferably asynchronous and parallelizable. in order to take into account of the independent nature of different processes: download, semantic recognition and synthesis of results. It is, therefore, useful to consider a centralized logic where the activation of the different services is made available by a specific component, the central orchestrator, who is responsible for the collection of the various pieces of evidence of a dialogue session and of the control of information flows in the star-distributed system.